We come from VJing, video games, manga, graffiti, engineering, hailing from Italy, France, and Switzerland.
What happens when four friends share the same passions and ambitions?
A four tiered striving for rock solid professionalism, boundless creativity, production efficiency and integrity in communications. 
Infinite % of AWESOME
  1. Stefano Gemmellaro
    Stefano Gemmellaro
    Creative Director
  2. Josselin Bey
    Josselin Bey
    Art Director
  3. Fred Tretout
    Fred Tretout
    Interactive Director
  4. Olivier Delahousse
    Olivier Delahousse
    Technical Director
Stefano Gemmellaro is an Italian visual artist specialized in large scale projections. He has worked on many shows around the world, from structures to buildings, from clubs to festivals. His clients range from Cirque du Soleil to Coachella in California. For him, visual projections are the tools that awaken and unlock the infinite stories and emotions present in our everyday lives.
Olivier Delahousse is a French engineer specialized in projection mapping and staging. He collaborated on the project "Unnumbered Sparks" by Google and "Create the stars" by Wix. Always seeking to deliver the most stunning and complete
experience,  he uses art and technology to enhance how emotion and knowledge is communicated.
Josselin Bey is a French illustrator and motion designer. He knows how to develop an intricate and stunning concept. Working with clients like 45 Degrees and Videotron, he has the ability to develop an inception into reality.
He moved to projection mapping since he found that TV screens were too little for his big ideas.
Fred Tretout is a French visual artist who specializes in large scale projection and interactive media. In Montreal since 2009, he has created visuals with many companies with worldwide acclaim like Cirque du Soleil and Montréal en lumière. His objective is to make bigger and bigger installations, hence to give people the ability to create games with the toys he provides them.